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Extreme Cams – Now with 40% Higher Heat Tolerance

We’re excited to announce that our Extreme Cams now have new and improved bushing material with 40% higher heat tolerance, as well as improved temperature stability. We can’t wait for you to open your next shipment of Extreme Cams!


Increase S-CAM Bushing Life

Extreme Cam™ converts your s-cam into a long journal bearing. By distributing loads over a larger surface area, wear from vibration and torsional loads is greatly reduced. Extreme CAM shafts utilize a machined surface over the entire length. The Extreme CAM tube is sealed on both ends and includes both a grease zirc as well as a grease relief valve.

Improve Brake Performance

Worn s-cam bushings cost money and impair brake performance. Symptoms of worn bushings include uneven or premature brake wear. Most symptoms of worn bushings have a detrimental effect on brake performance: decreasing stopping power and causing linings to fail or wear prematurely. Extreme Cam extends the life of s-cam bushings, maintaining proper brake performance, and saving you money.

Protect S-Cams from Damage

Extreme Cam protects s-cams from road damage and corrosion by using a sealed protective tube. Grease fittings and channels allow the tube to fill with grease without overcharging or hydro-locking. Extreme Cam protects s-cams from extreme road conditions.


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