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Worn Spiders? No Problem! Extreme Cams are the Solution

Worn Spider? No Problem! Worn spiders are no longer an issue with our new oversized Extreme Cam s-cam/bushing kit!

The special oversized Extreme Cam application is a turn-key solution and will save you money from costly repairs, even if your trailer has worn spiders.

Ask us about the OVERSIZED Extreme Cams today! Our products are all made in the USA. Find your nearest distributor or give us a call for more information! 888-844-7734


About Extreme Brake

Extreme Brake Integration, Inc. manufactures and distributes premium wheel end solutions for the heavy truck industry.

We believe in the importance of the trucking industry and those individuals who choose to serve as connectors to deliver American products to American customers. We believe in the importance of their safety. Extreme Brake offers superior quality American made products that substantially decrease our customers’ life-cycle maintenance costs while ensuring their safety as they accomplish their job.

The Extreme Cam™ is engineered to extend the life of your brakes. You can convert any trailer to the Extreme Cam bushing system. The Extreme Cam is available in s-cam lengths from 11″ to  30″ and spider diameters of 1 ⅞”, 2″ or 2 ⅛”.

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