Extreme Cam

extreme-cam-products-semicircleThe Extreme Cam™ is engineered to extend the life of your brakes. You can convert any trailer to the Extreme Cam bushing system. The Extreme Cam is available in s-cam lengths from 11″ to  30″ and spider diameters of 1 ⅞”, 2″ or 2 ⅛”.

  • Extreme reliability
  • Extreme environments
  • Extreme durability
  • Extreme cost-savings

Increase S-CAM Bushing Life

Extreme Cam™ converts your s-cam into a long journal bearing. By distributing loads over a larger surface area, wear from vibration and torsional loads is greatly reduced. Extreme CAM shafts utilize a machined surface over the entire length. The Extreme CAM tube is sealed on both ends and includes both a grease zirc as well as a grease relief valve.

Improve Brake Performanceextreme-cam-kit

Worn s-cam bushings cost money and impair brake performance. Symptoms of worn bushings include uneven or premature brake wear. Most symptoms of worn bushings have a detrimental effect on brake performance: decreasing stopping power and causing linings to fail or wear prematurely. Extreme Cam extends the life of s-cam bushings, maintaining proper brake performance, and saving you money.

Protect S-Cams from Damage

Extreme Cam protects s-cams from road damage and corrosion by using a sealed protective tube. Grease fittings and channels allow the tube to fill with grease without overcharging or hydro-locking. Extreme Cam protects s-cams from extreme road conditions.


How can I purchase Extreme Cams?

Extreme Brake Integration has an extensive network of distributors located throughout the United States and Canada.

Click on the map pins to view contact information for our existing distributors or view our Distributor Directory.

If your preferred distributor is not listed, please contact us so that we can begin stocking our products at your preferred location, as we are always pleased to add fleet and customer recommended distributors to our network. We will work with you to ensure that our products are available at your preferred store.