“Because of Extreme Cams I have experienced 75% savings on our trailer service. I don’t know what we did without them!”
Michael, Kistner Concrete

“They are awesome, very easy to install, and last forever!”
John, Bessemer Supply

“Extreme Cams are excellent! It has improved our maintenance, extends the brake shoe & drum life and it eliminated cam replacements!”
Joel, Truck Transport, Inc.

“This item is very well received by my customers. When I tote and promote this item, it’s interesting to see the customer’s response. It’s like a look of relief on their face that something like this exists. It is such a unique yet simple item that can make a big difference for their maintenance cost long term and reduces hassle. I have some great opportunities with some customers because of this great product!”
David, Allstate Peterbilt – Rapid City

“We have quite a few customers that use the Extreme Brake products that your company offers.  They are price competitive, reliable and available when they are needed!  We have had no issues with your product and will continue to use your product as the brake cam of choice for our dealership and our customers!”
Bridget, Allstate Peterbilt – Eau Claire

“We have had a lot of positive feedback from several of our customers. Most say they have been waiting for such a product.”      
 Steven, Allstate Peterbilt – Bismarck

“Easiest cam kits on the market today.”      
 Corey, Allstate Peterbilt – Alexandria

“As far as the quality of your product is concerned, we are very satisfied. I know these cam tubes for trailers have been around for many years, but ya’ll have gone a huge step further with the length of the bushings and the cam that goes with it. Out of the ones we have sold so far and installed, we are very pleased. We have an oil field fleet pretty committed on several trailers on one of your 24″ series tubes. I’ve also had some belly dump and end dump customers like them for the protection the tube offers from dirt and rocks. ”      
 Caleb, Tow Brothers

“They sell themselves.”      
 Craig, Double A Trailers

“Our customers enjoy the ease of installation and the longevity of a quality product/system”
Tom, Allstate Peterbilt – South Saint Paul

“We love Extreme Cams because we can cover more applications with less stocking inventory and the online cam lookup is easy to use!”
Kirk/Ashley, Best Deal Springs, Inc. 

“With a large portion of our parts customers being heavy haulers, lengthening the life of brakes is a major issue. One of our largest fleets test retrofitted a trailer with EXTREME BRAKE cams and saw a significant improvement in the performance of the their brake pads, along with much more even wear of the lining, reducing the amount of waste due to uneven wear when replacing brakes. It’s clear that EXTREME CAMS are a wave of the future and we plan to ride that wave!”
 Anthony, National Trailer Center of Michigan

“At our company, we get rid of most of our trailers at around 6 years old. In 2 or 3 years, the OEM cam tubes spin. They are very cheap. Extreme Brake’s brackets and tubes are twice as thick. If you catch an OEM cam tube that starts spinning, you can put an Extreme Cam in there and it will not spin. I have been using Extreme Cams now for two years and have yet to have one of them spin in the spider…I have tried all of the cams on the market and the buck stops here. I will not put anything else on my trucks…All someone has to do is use Extreme Cams and they will fall in love. I couldn’t tell you a single flaw they have, please don’t change anything!”
 Bob, Ed Wilson’s Trucking

“We started putting Extreme Cams on our brine water tanker trailers. The brine water was leaking down and eating away at the plastic and the rubber in the old assemblies. When we first got our trailers, they were brand new. It was probably 6 months and we were already changing bushings because of the brine water leaking onto them. Since we have been using the Extreme Cams, we haven’t had to change them yet. We have 50 trailers and are putting Extreme Cams on all of them as they need the brakes done. We are going straight Extreme Cams from now!”
 John, Bessemer/Aim Leasing