Extreme Drum Caddy™

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The Extreme Drum Caddy™ prevents injuries and provides the ability to remove, transport, and install brake drums with ease. This product makes removing, transporting, handling and installing brake drums easy with only 35 lbs. of effort required to lift a 122 lb. brake drum! Protect your mechanics from back and hand injuries and reduce Workers Compensation claims with the safety and security of the Extreme Drum Caddy.

Reduce Costly Back Injuries

Today’s heavy duty brake drums weigh approximately 120 lbs and are often carried considerable distances from storage areas to the shop floor. Mechanics are at risk of severe back or hand injury from heavy lifting. Shop injuries associated with heavy lifting can result in thousands of dollars in medical costs, lost time and worker’s compensation claims. Drum caddies were created to reduce these costly injuries and make brake drum removal and installation easier, quicker, and more convenient.

Transporting Drums

Extreme Drum Caddies can be used to easily pick up drums off flat surfaces. By pulling on the extendable handle, the drum is easily rocked back onto pneumatic tires and then transported. Ten inch pneumatic tires are convenient for transporting through gravel yards or over rough surfaces. The drum caddy is also light weight and can be stored in small areas when not in use.

Removing Drums

Removing outboard drums is quick and easy with Extreme Drum Caddy. The caddy can be seated directly onto a brake drum while still on the axles for direct removal of the drum off the wheel hub. This can be done without lifting or handling the drum by hand. A swivel ring used to grip the drum rim keeps the drum positioned perpendicular to the floor, ideal for removal and installation of drums.

Installing Drums

Installing brake drums is just as simple with the Extreme Drum Caddy. The swivel ring is naturally balanced to maintain the drum flush with the wheel hub. Aligning the drum over the wheel end is simple and convenient. No more lifting in the injury prone positions when trying to seat the drum onto the wheel hub. The Caddy can install or remove 15 and 16½ brake drums with minimal effort.


How can I purchase Extreme Drum Caddy?

Extreme Brake Integration has an extensive network of distributors located throughout the United States and Canada.

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If your preferred distributor is not listed, please contact us so that we can begin stocking our products at your preferred location, as we are always pleased to add fleet and customer recommended distributors to our network. We will work with you to ensure that our products are available at your preferred store.

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