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Extreme Cam Oversized Kits for Worn Spiders

Worn spiders are a common issue. Most trailers have spiders with an inner dimension of either 1-7/8″, 2″, or 2-1/8″. However, over time, this opening can sometimes become worn out and/or slightly out-of-round, especially if a cam tube or cam bushing begins to spin when the brakes are applied. We know your time is valuable and you need to get back on the road. The Extreme Cam offers a quick and easy solution to get you back up and running quickly, with minimal downtime, even if your spider is worn.

First, if your spider is only slightly worn – all Extreme Cam kits are offered in an Oversized option. These “Standard Oversized” Extreme Cam tubes are machined ten to fifteen-thousandths (.010 to .015) larger than our standard product. To determine the oversized part number, you simply replace the “A” or “B” with the letter “O”. For example, the C1224A-L product can be ordered as a C1224O-L, which is a Extreme Cam tube machined to 2.010” – 2.015” instead of the standard 2.000” at the spider end.

If your spider is more severely worn, you can order up to the next spider size. The first 2 digits of our part number indicate the inner spider diameter as below, and the second 2 digits indicate the approximate s-cam length. So if you have an approximately 24″ s-cam, all of your options are:

  • C1124A-L / C1124A-R – for an 1-7/8″ spider
  • C1124O-L / C1124O-R – standard oversized dimension for 1-7/8″ (approximately 1.910″)
  • C1224A-L / C1224A-R – for a 2″ spider
  • C1224O-L / C1224O-R – standard oversized dimension for 2″ (approximately 2.010″-2.015″)
  • C1324A-L / C1324A-R – for 2-1/8″ spider
  • C1324O-L / C1324O-R – standard oversized dimension for 2-1/8″ (approximately 2.50″-2.65″)
  • C1424A-L / C1424A-R – for 2-3/16″ spider

Give our customer service team a call if you need help with determining the part number that you need. We look forward to helping you!