Extreme Cam Product Announcement

Extreme Cam Bushing Update

Extreme Cams now feature our oil-infused proprietary alloy bushings with 5 large grease channels to ensure your s-cam stays lubricated.

We use a ISO 9000 inspired quality management system to ensure we are delivering bushings with the tightest tolerances in the industry. Our bushings are made with a proprietary combination of materials and production processes that we guarantee will outperform the competition. Our Extreme Cam tubes are built with .125″ wall DOM steel tubing that is measurably stronger than the 16-gauge material used by our competitors.

Extreme Cam Grease Zerk Update

Longer Extreme Cam tubes feature two grease zerks deep at each end to ensure grease flow end-to-end. We then always install our pressure relief valve in the center of the cam enclosure tube that lets excess grease out without compromising the integrity of the seals to protect your s-cams.