Welcome to New Distributor: Western Trailer

Extreme Brake Integration, Inc. is excited to welcome another new store that will begin carrying the Extreme Cam product line. Welcome to Western Trailers!

Western Trailers started their company in 1958 by building built truck bodies in an old fire station. Just two years later the owner Mr. Jerry whitehead saw a market for better trailers that could be made lighter. Using his experience in the Idaho Air National Guard he began to incorporate aircraft aluminum into the design and manufacturing processes of a new breed of trailer. Then in 1969 they started making livestock and hopper trailer, followed by platform trailers and in 1980 the commodity Express trailer, and many more.

Today Western Trailers aim to be the preeminent trailer industry leader, by listening to our customers’ needs, continuously delivering quality and innovative transportation solutions, and utilizing our people, core values, and technology to build, supply, and service the best products on the road. With strong roots and over fifty years experience in the industry we’re proud that they’re carrying our Extreme Cam s-cam / bushing system.

Stop by one of their convenient locations in Boise, Albany, Spokane, Sumner, or Vancouver and ask about the Extreme Cam product line!

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