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Extreme Cam Testimonial – July 2015

We appreciate the reviews and positive comments of our loyal customers! Today we’d like to share with you the following testimonial for the Extreme Cam from Bob in Ohio –

“At our company, we get rid of most of our trailers at around 6 years old. In 2 or 3 years, the OEM cam tubes spin. They are very cheap. Extreme Brake’s brackets and tubes are twice as thick. If you catch an OEM cam tube that starts spinning, you can put an Extreme Cam in there and it will not spin. I have been using Extreme Cams now for two years and have yet to have one of them spin in the spider…I have tried all of the cams on the market and the buck stops here. I will not put anything else on my trucks…All someone has to do is use Extreme Cams and they will fall in love. I couldn’t tell you a single flaw they have, please don’t change anything!”
 Bob, Ohio

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